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The Wonders Today

Today marks my 45th day in Chennai. In other words, I survived. Till now. The fact that Chennai has the highest auto fares in the country and that almost 90% of all clothing stores have no discount ever running, makes me wonder why Tamilyans are called 'miserly' :\ .

8 days ago, I completed 5 months in one company and it has been terrible boring. I appreciate the people who've been hanging around in the same company for 6 years or more. Yeah right! I have no idea what gives a person the pleasure of being around doing the same work, around the same people, in the same environment (more or less) for as many years as they do.

On the lighter side, in the last few weeks, I learnt auto drivers can speak better english than IT engineers. A girl can call me an Asshole and get away with it. That a bottle of beer is more expensive when it rains. That a bottle of beer is more enjoyed, at near room temperature than cold(not for me).
I also learnt pretending to work is lot more important than actually working.That work politics involve discussions about who went for lunch and at what time. That male employees become chivalrous as soon as a woman is within a 10 metre radius. That no one ever refuses a free meal. That no one ever wants to offer to pay either.

That pretty female employees always have 2 more male friends than her non-pretty friends. That those two male associates look more like apes than the apes in "The Planet of the Apes". That adding more and more things to this list only makes me forget why I started writing the blog again in the first place.

So today, I'm glad for the things I learnt but not thankful. Hence, I leave for a 10 day leave from work, back to Hyderabad. A break from the routine and a break from "God's chosen path" for me. :) [ Pun Intended ]


A Learning

To sail in the way of few,
To gain knowledge of everything from the sun to the dew,
To encounter the winds of direction, to accept the winds of change.
To stroll on the deck, to view the ocean vast..
The flight of the gulls mystify, long as i bid the land goodbye..
But, Alas! She's hoisted her sails, left me without the sight of the whales.
I bray with others who, fail to see,
What we have on land and not at sea..
We curse our lucks but see not our folly,
We hate the past and fear what we might see.
Days have passed, I've bothered no heed,
she's sailed on indeed,
without me, life's gone on indeed.

End of Studying. Temporary.

Well, This marks my last semester of actual engineering. The boring engineering. The engineering I've loathed for the last 3 years. Into my last 20 exams of the semester I look back at all i've done and all that i could have. To tell the truth, My scores have been entirely mediocre throughout engineering. The reason? I wasn't interested enough. I couldn't care less about a lot of things I've studied.
But into my final year, I finally have a couple of subjects which "actually" intrigue me and my want to learn. As it happens, the only subjects which have a decent scope for masters. This puts me in a huge dilemma: Do i go for the masters program in this course? Or do I work for sometime and get an MBA under my belt after a few years?
The bad part is usually that, though this is a doubt every graduate under the earth would've had, there still are no answers to it. There are only opinions.
As for the next semester I've a really good project to work on. So its an excellent excuse to get out of classes and have some actual working fun. The keyword being "working".
So this freedom of work would be temporary. Maybe till June'10. But what after that?
What would I do? Whatever choice i take, it still leads to studying. But in today's world what use is studying if everything u read is dictated by officials from a past era.
So, I guess these next few months will be the final days of my happiness. I just have to get the best out of them.
Then I'll let Life take me on its course.

.. end.



The last six months have been sort of a weird happening. I did not write one post after the weird poem i posted back in december. It finally took the death of a superstar for me to write something about it.
Yes. I do mean Michael Jackson. This person is known to nearly 4 billion people of the 6 billion people alive in the world today and that is by no means a lucky feat. I fear i'm gonna be the one who's gonna tell future generations about the greatness of this guy, the same way the oldies mention Elvis Presley nowadays..
I wasn't even born when thriller and bad were released, but by the time i was 4 and could operate the tape-player i would always play either Dangerous or Bad.. I used to love to listen to Dangerous and its songs.. from heavy "JAM", to peppy "Remember the Time", to a Super-popular "Black or white" and a sing-along-able "Heal the World"..
As a kid the lyrics ,which go like.. "Heal the world.. make it a better place.. "
sounded more like.. "heal the world.. make it an aeroplane.." ^_^
"For you and for me and the entire human race"..

Whatever it may be i was hung. Then when Cable TV entered back in 1994 in the Army Cantonment and seeing MJ do his dance was like "OOOOO.. How does he do that?".. So with his incredible showmanship MJ won the hearts of many around the world..
Sure there were the bad times, the allegations, the baby-hangings, the rhino-plasty incidents, and the claimed Vitiligo.. but all of them were far from tarnishing his image as a Super-performer..
At 50 that guy was claimed way too early.. But at least he doesn't have to deal with issues up there.. Or say, we can hope.. :)

Rough erratic writing. pardon the language..

A poke(ery)

It goes by "what if"
What if the sky was green?
What if the days were more than they had been?
What if the winds blew harder?
What if they really were for change?
What if i were born siberian?
What if i were a different creation?
What if some things were simple?
What if there was nothing to learn?
What if i Hadn't the tussles?
What if i need face them again?
What if i could let go of the past?
What if then i could enjoy the now? what if i forget the future for an hour late?
What if i'd live life without debate?
What if all this never be.?

A place called Araku

30th November- We are woken by a taxi driver who claimed to take us to all the sightseeing places in and around Araku for 1400 rupees. He told us that he'd be with us for the entire day and stop wherever we wanted. With a few more 'advantages' he managed to convince us that it was the way to go. So we get ready and step out to see the neighbourhood at dawn. It was brilliant. The sad part before i started for Araku was that, i wanted to initially go to the valley of flowers instead. But the early morning clouds and the dew made all the flowers look marvellous. The morning had definitely cheered us up and we were rearing to go. We went to the same place for breakfast. A couple of plates of idly later we were ready to leave. The taxi, mentioned earlier was hyped. It was actually a tata ace, converted to a people mover. Yet the good part was that more leg room than an INNOVA.:-) And the whole openness gave it a CONVERTIBLE feel. So we started from the resort, the first stop was the Coffee plantations. Now for a coffee addict like me, this was ecstacy. I was super excited. Then it turned out to be a bummer when, we got there. I really had NO idea about how coffee beans were got. Turned out they weren't beans. They were seeds from a hill plant,which was everywhere in araku. The seeds were extracted after the fruits were dried and then fried to get the COFFEE BEANS. Still the place had women selling packets of coffee powder and coffee beans.taking home Coffee powder would make no sense, so i bought a packet of coffee beans. They were absolutely brilliant to smell. The woman was also selling coffee to beat the cold, and a sip of the elixir was enough to prove that it was PURE coffee. The coffee was fabulous. We climbed the hill and went deep into the plantation. I plucked a LOT of fruits and took a lot of pics. After taking a leak between all those plants, we continued on, in our vehicle. A few km in we crossed a little town and it was full of farmers selling fresh vegetables. Our driver got off and brought a bag full of a weird fruit. The fruit is called ''sividipandu'' and it can be eaten only after its been roasted. Weird tasting things, though good at the start, became a pain to eat a little later. The driver and his buddy just couldn't get enough of them though. Yuck!!
So onward to our next stop. The Borra Caves. The word borra means hole in the local language. The caves had a long long line for the 30 rupees a head ticket and another mighty fine line for getting into the actual place. Now unless you are that unrelenting, brave guy this place isn't for you. You basically need to be able to stand endless rows of people and the horrible smell of bat shit. :-( the place supposedly has a shiva lingam inside a dark grotto. We were not capable enough of going through all the above mentioned so we turned back. Happy.:-)
The caves have a lot of climbing to do. Stairs, hills. Everything. So we were fagged out.
Next in line was the kathiki waterfall. To reach there you needed to trek 300m to a railway line and then another trek of 1.5km after that. Now the day was cold, so inspite of being tired, we decided to venture onwards. dead. The one word to describe the three of us by the time we reached the falls. Everyone there, all the guys at least were under the waterfalls. So enthusiastic as i am, i took off my shoes and waded into the water. WOAH!! It was cold!! A few minutes of frostbite later, i was used to the temperature and went further near the falls. And finally once at the falls, turned out it was even colder there. Must be the cold air blowing across the place. :-) dragged one of my friends with me and he was cursing me for the rest of the trip, but was surely worth it! :-) the water completely washed away all signs of wariness. So we started the long trip back home.

The train to Araku.

Its been exactly a month since i last posted, but i've barely had anything to write about.:(

Our holidays started a couple of days ago and all the work we had was playing games and cursing the government. Mumbai was attacked by terrorists the previous night. There was a little speculation on whether or not to go for our trip to araku valley. Now, araku is usually a place for honeymooning and not an ideal place for 3 guys unless they are advocators of the KJ fraternity, but for a few thousand rupees this was the best place we could think of to get away from the city and the sweltering heat. Most of our class went to kerela.blistering heat and beaches was what they offered, but 3 of us wanted something more. Someplace secluded, someplace peaceful.so finally we set course to araku from hyderabad on the 28th. We had our reservation in the sleeper class of the slowest train on the east coast. The East Coast express. We boarded the train at 10 in the morning but waited a whole hour for the train to start. A one hour delay. Now, we were happy that the train was late because that meant lesser waiting time at vizag for the araku train. Our plan was to wait at the station after arrival till 6 in the morning till we could get onto our next train. So, logically the later the better for us.:-)
Now back to were i left off. Finally the train started, and we were happy, the speed was normal and the sky was cloudy. Perfect weather. :-). At the next station the third of us got in and we were finally on our way. Mom had packed a buttload of food for us. So out came the 4 boxes of aloo and parathas. View were devoured in no time at all and by lunch time we again ordered for something to eat.
The journey was bland, nothing to basically note except for the night view of a 2km bridge over the river krishna.Then again eating then finally reaching vizag. We had absolutely exhausted ourselves with the excitement. And the 'beautiful' coach wasn't exactly the epitome of clean. So no sleep.
1 AM. 29th November- 3 sleepy heads, nearly dead, lying on the 4th platform, waiting for the train to araku, like three hobos:-). After dozing off in turn for at least 15 each, note i said at least, we felt energy within us again. Its miraculous what 30 min can do for one. So a few cups of coffee and a chips packet later, we were ready and rearing to go. So by 3am we were taking pics, looking at trains, took a leak in a train that was about to leave, took more pics and finally by the time day came we were first to get into the coach in front of us. Then came a tragedy, a group of students got into the same coach and filled it to the brim. The problem was that, as it looked to me, most of them had leftfor a holiday for the first time without supervision. So the resultant was hollering, whistling, screaming at everything that went by. From tunnels to cows by the track. The irony came near the end of the journey that we found that the group of engineering kids were actually a group of grown ups doing their masters.:-). Finally by 11 in the morning we reached, araku. We hailed an auto and he took us to the AP tourism's guest house for 50 bucks. Thats big for a km but we really didn't care anymore. Araku is a honeymoon spot so there's no use trying to find a cheaper place to eat or shop. All's the same anyway. The best thing about the trip was the guest house. The Mayuri. It overlooks the entire valley and in the morning, the mist makes it look simply breathtaking. So back to today. The rest of the day was spent watching repeat telecast of the cricket matches and news of the mumbai blasts. Night came and sleep took us over. Oops! Forgot to mention the lunch and dinner were at the same resort. They have a restaurant and a bar with reasonable food and prices.
So finally. SLEEP! Loads of it.


Bhagwat Gita - part 1

The Gita is the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna taking place on the battlefield before the start of the battle of Kurukshektra. Arjuna's dilemma is made clear by Krishna.
Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and the qualities of Dharma/Righteousness.
Have die-hard believers in my family. The growing-up has been accompanied by a long list of quotes and duties.Physically and mentally.
The Gita is the ultimate scripture. I've read through pages of the Bible and the translated version of the Quran to see what makes them different.
The truth is that the Bible and Quran both speak of many a thing similar to the Gita, knowingly or unknowingly and many a thing dissimilar as well. BUT what makes the Gita stand apart is that its in the form of a NON-PATRONISING dialogue,A dialogue between God and a Common Man. Leaving the decisions to the reader.
"You can only take a horse to the water, the rest is upto the horse"
This is exactly what the Gita does, tells us what SHOULD to be done, not what HAS TO be done. It points us in the right direction, doesn't push us into it. The liberty it gives a reader is IMMENSE.
The main principles it teaches really make even the most stubborn minded of people(like me) give a thought to things!

The Gyana Yoga - "One with Knowledge,one who sees the difference between the mind and body, is the only one who can understand and differentiate between BONDAGE TO MATERIAL ELEMENTS, and LIBERATION".
It is in this chapter Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that the only thing that can be vanquished is the human body. The spirit is indestructible and only shifts from one vessel to another.

The Bhakti Yoga - "After attaining Me, the great souls do not incur rebirth in this miserable transitory world, because they have attained the highest perfection."
One cannot achieve Nirvana only after attaining Gyana. That Gyana has to be backed with devotion, trust and love in god. That is defined as Bhakti. Only with KNOWLEDGE and BHAKTI is the spirit truly released from bondage.

The Karma Yoga - "One has right only over actions not over the fruits the action bears. One also has no right over inaction."
This is the form of Yoga which is most highly applied to Human Life. The Karma Yoga is said to be the easiest of the teachings for a human being to comprehend because it has to do with what he does in his day to day life. But its also the hardest. All of us work for attaining something. Not for the love of working. Working is defined as Dharma. Its also said to be the ultimate form of worship. But in the end its upto US, whether we choose to remain slaves to this bondage or work towards NIRVANA.

The train to secunderabad.

The last day of college. Two whole weeks of holidays to follow. Low on ammunition. Yet seeking something fun to do. Enjoy the rest of the day.
So we do something we've been planning to do for a very long time. We take the ultimate "people mover" back home. We take the M167 passenger train to secunderabad. The journey till now has been twice as fast as any form of road transport I've taken in my life. I've already passed all the usual landmarks we gawk at day after day. The rickety rattle of the train is bringing out nostalgia. Its easily been more than 3 years since i last got into a train. The crowd of people way too large for comfort. Barely any place to stand yet, i am entirely hyper. Writing a blog in the train is something i've not done before. Its a first for me. The train's got everyone from shady characters to fish mongers... Its completely different. As i am typing this my head is turned sideways by my friend to see something from his memories past. So engrossed i have been till now that i.ve not realized its already been an hour since we started. May be next time (if there is one) we'd have a place to sit. at last we have arrived at secunderabad. The all but forgotten station is now a disgusting blue in color. Been a long time. I hope someone gets enough sense so as to change the damned color in the coming years. i wanna go somewhere in a train. Somewhere far away. With lots of time in hand. Alas! Time is money. :-(
till next time
I sit in college nowadays and am happy with the fact that i can loot airtel on my N73. I am able to log into a few good but, my personal bookmarks , for free. I am connected to the internet most of the time nowadays. Sitting in Hamachi inspite of no one else being there. Being idle in gtalk. Downloading something or the other from torrents. Enjoying time to the peak. I read a lot about topics ranging from formula one to biological warfare. Knowing or unknowingly i am getting addicted to the internet(if i ain't already).
Because of constant connectivity I just spend my time writing something which i post in here in livejournal.I like writing. It clears the wiring out. Instead of just thinking of something, I now prefer just jotting it down. Better the screen than the paper. I now have something more ummmm... acceptable to do while traveling rather than just sleep and listen to music.
There are so many things all around to write about. The weather, the birds, the landscape, people. No one's gonna question me about what I write. Its a clear expression of speech. Plus no one's gonna grade me on how much or how well i have written the post.
Have been more active on LJ than even mamu who got me to LJ in the first place.
I hope this doesn't die out. I like writing. I certainly am not able to be poetic nowadays but I sure as hell can write a lot. Donno why? :|
Till next time.