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A place called Araku

30th November- We are woken by a taxi driver who claimed to take us to all the sightseeing places in and around Araku for 1400 rupees. He told us that he'd be with us for the entire day and stop wherever we wanted. With a few more 'advantages' he managed to convince us that it was the way to go. So we get ready and step out to see the neighbourhood at dawn. It was brilliant. The sad part before i started for Araku was that, i wanted to initially go to the valley of flowers instead. But the early morning clouds and the dew made all the flowers look marvellous. The morning had definitely cheered us up and we were rearing to go. We went to the same place for breakfast. A couple of plates of idly later we were ready to leave. The taxi, mentioned earlier was hyped. It was actually a tata ace, converted to a people mover. Yet the good part was that more leg room than an INNOVA.:-) And the whole openness gave it a CONVERTIBLE feel. So we started from the resort, the first stop was the Coffee plantations. Now for a coffee addict like me, this was ecstacy. I was super excited. Then it turned out to be a bummer when, we got there. I really had NO idea about how coffee beans were got. Turned out they weren't beans. They were seeds from a hill plant,which was everywhere in araku. The seeds were extracted after the fruits were dried and then fried to get the COFFEE BEANS. Still the place had women selling packets of coffee powder and coffee beans.taking home Coffee powder would make no sense, so i bought a packet of coffee beans. They were absolutely brilliant to smell. The woman was also selling coffee to beat the cold, and a sip of the elixir was enough to prove that it was PURE coffee. The coffee was fabulous. We climbed the hill and went deep into the plantation. I plucked a LOT of fruits and took a lot of pics. After taking a leak between all those plants, we continued on, in our vehicle. A few km in we crossed a little town and it was full of farmers selling fresh vegetables. Our driver got off and brought a bag full of a weird fruit. The fruit is called ''sividipandu'' and it can be eaten only after its been roasted. Weird tasting things, though good at the start, became a pain to eat a little later. The driver and his buddy just couldn't get enough of them though. Yuck!!
So onward to our next stop. The Borra Caves. The word borra means hole in the local language. The caves had a long long line for the 30 rupees a head ticket and another mighty fine line for getting into the actual place. Now unless you are that unrelenting, brave guy this place isn't for you. You basically need to be able to stand endless rows of people and the horrible smell of bat shit. :-( the place supposedly has a shiva lingam inside a dark grotto. We were not capable enough of going through all the above mentioned so we turned back. Happy.:-)
The caves have a lot of climbing to do. Stairs, hills. Everything. So we were fagged out.
Next in line was the kathiki waterfall. To reach there you needed to trek 300m to a railway line and then another trek of 1.5km after that. Now the day was cold, so inspite of being tired, we decided to venture onwards. dead. The one word to describe the three of us by the time we reached the falls. Everyone there, all the guys at least were under the waterfalls. So enthusiastic as i am, i took off my shoes and waded into the water. WOAH!! It was cold!! A few minutes of frostbite later, i was used to the temperature and went further near the falls. And finally once at the falls, turned out it was even colder there. Must be the cold air blowing across the place. :-) dragged one of my friends with me and he was cursing me for the rest of the trip, but was surely worth it! :-) the water completely washed away all signs of wariness. So we started the long trip back home.


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Dec. 7th, 2008 07:01 am (UTC)
Sounds nice ^^
Where is this place? took any pics?
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