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Aug. 21st, 2008

I sit in college nowadays and am happy with the fact that i can loot airtel on my N73. I am able to log into a few good but, my personal bookmarks , for free. I am connected to the internet most of the time nowadays. Sitting in Hamachi inspite of no one else being there. Being idle in gtalk. Downloading something or the other from torrents. Enjoying time to the peak. I read a lot about topics ranging from formula one to biological warfare. Knowing or unknowingly i am getting addicted to the internet(if i ain't already).
Because of constant connectivity I just spend my time writing something which i post in here in livejournal.I like writing. It clears the wiring out. Instead of just thinking of something, I now prefer just jotting it down. Better the screen than the paper. I now have something more ummmm... acceptable to do while traveling rather than just sleep and listen to music.
There are so many things all around to write about. The weather, the birds, the landscape, people. No one's gonna question me about what I write. Its a clear expression of speech. Plus no one's gonna grade me on how much or how well i have written the post.
Have been more active on LJ than even mamu who got me to LJ in the first place.
I hope this doesn't die out. I like writing. I certainly am not able to be poetic nowadays but I sure as hell can write a lot. Donno why? :|
Till next time.


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Aug. 21st, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
isnt it great
to be connected, there is so much to read on the net, you can get lost on wikipedia, stumble upon new much to do!. and so little time! :/
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